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Overte e.V.

The Overte e.V. Association

Overte VR software is supported by the Overte e.V association. It is a nonprofit association and has the sole purpose of promoting and distributing of free Social VR software on terms of free software, and the program package “Overte” in particular, to promote the free exchange of knowledge and equality of opportunity in accessing software as well as education, science and research.

Our Articles of Association

The articles of association of Overte e.V. in specific state the following purposes:

The activities of the Association are exclusively and directly limited to nonprofit activities and are for the common good and are not pursued primarily for the purpose of profit making. Resources of the association are only to be used for purposes in line with the articles of the association. It is not permitted to favour somebody through association expenditures, which do not serve the associations purpose or are disproportionately high.

All articles can be found here:
Overte e.V. Articles of Association - EN
Overte e.V. Articles of Association - DE

Membership and your Contribution

To use Overte software or to help develop the software it is NOT required to be an association member.

You are very welcome to join the association as a member or supporting member.
As a member you are allowed to vote in association meetings. This also includes board member elections.

Currently the yearly membership fee is 60 Euro. The fee is pre paid either yearly or monthly.

If you want to join please make yourself familiar with the articles of association linked above.
To join the association please write a application to this postal address:

Overte e.V.
Julian Groß
Glatzer Straße 16
33098 Paderborn

or this email: application@overte.org

Current Board

The current association board consists of six members:

Julian Groß