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Second release

New builds are available for Overte

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Overte initial release

Builds are available for the initial release of Overte

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Overte is an open source virtual world and social VR software for both VR and non-VR users.

Key features:


AppimageLinux AppImage

Windows InstallerWindows installer

Windows installer is not signed yet, so Windows Defender might display a warning about this.

  • First click on "More info"
  • Then click on "Run anyway" to continue

Mac OS build coming soon.

GitSource code repository


User documentation

API documentation

We are an open source project. You are very welcome to contribute to the project. See below for contact information or go directly to the repository.
We have a weekly developer meeting. All merge request will be discussed there.

Where: Overte VR - Overte Hub
When: Saturdays 19:00 UTC


Overte is following the open source philisophy through and through. That's why we recommend Matrix. To join our Matrix space please use following link:

Overte MatrixOverte Matrix

Matrix uses many client applications, with Element being the most popular one.

Our Matrix space is also bridged to Discord.