The current stable release of Overte is version 2022.12.1. Take a look at the changelog on GitHub: Changelog πŸ”—



Linux AppImage for amd64/x86_64


You will need to set the AppImage as executable using your file manager, or a command like: chmod +x Overte.AppImage.

Domain Server

Select the appropriate package for you distribution and architecture from our GitHub Release page πŸ”—, or directly from πŸ”—.


The Windows installer contains both Interface and the Domain Server. Select a custom install and tick "Overte Server" during the installation process if you want to run a Domain Server. You can always rerun the installer later to install the server software afterwards.

Windows Installer for x86_64


Windows Defender might display a warning about the Windows installer being potentially unsafe. To run it anyways click on "More info" and then "Run anyway".


Our source code is available on GitHub. If you intend to build from source, we would suggest building the master branch directly instead of a release, to profit from the latest improvements.

For Linux there is a helper application available that aims to simplify the build process for newcomers. Get it from GitHub here: Overte builder πŸ”—