Overte is an open source virtual worlds and social VR software which enables you to create and share virtual worlds as virtual reality (VR) and desktop experiences. You can create and host your own virtual world, explore other worlds, meet and connect with other users, attend or host live VR events, and much more.

The Overte software provides the following key features:

  • Collaborative world creation and editing

  • VR support, including body tracking

  • Scalability for up to 500 users in a single world

  • Scripting in JavaScript, which allows creation of games, interactables, UI elements, and custom applications

  • High quality low latency spatial audio

  • Powerful physics through Bullet physics engine

  • Fully open-source under the permissive Apache 2.0 license

  • No central authority. You can run your own server from home.

  • No user account required

  • Supported by a democratic non-profit organization

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Join our Matrix Space on MatrixLink overte:overte.org πŸ”—. Our Matrix Space is also bridged to DiscordLink Discord πŸ”—.

Development meeting in the Overte office

Development meeting in the Overte office


2023-04-01 New website

Since our old 11ty based website was unmaintained and no one knew how to edit it, we created a brand spanking new website using Sphinx, the same system that we have been using for our main documentation for years now. This also allows us, among other things, to finally translate the website to different languages using Weblate.

If you would like to help translate this website or other parts of Overte, head over to weblate.overte.org πŸ”—.