The current release candidate of Overte is version 2023.08.1-rc4.2. This release includes complete replacement of script engine and a lot of other improvements. On server side stable build 2022.12.1 is still recommended but testing and reporting bugs on 2023.08.1-rc4.2 is very welcome.

Dabartinė stabili „Overte“ versija yra 2022.12.1. Peržiūrėkite pakeitimų sąrašą "GitHub": Pakeitimų sąrašas 🔗



Linux AppImage for amd64/x86_64 (release candidate)


Turėsite nustatyti "AppImage" kaip executable naudodami failų tvarkyklę arba tokią komandą kaip: chmod +x Overte.AppImage.

Domeno serveris

Pasirinkite savo distribucijai ir architektūrai tinkamą paketą iš mūsų "GitHub" leidinių puslapio 🔗, arba tiesiogiai iš 🔗.


The Windows installer contains both Interface and the Domain Server. Select a custom install and tick “Overte Server” during the installation process if you want to run a Domain Server. You can always rerun the installer later to install the server software afterwards.

Windows Installer for x86_64 (release candidate, recommended for client)


Windows Defender might display a warning about the Windows installer being potentially unsafe. To run it anyway click on "More info" and then "Run anyway".


Our source code is available on our GitHub repository 🔗. If you intend to build from source, we would suggest building the master branch directly instead of a release, to profit from the latest improvements.

Linux'ams yra išleista pagalbinė programa, kuria siekiama supaprastinti kūrimo procesą naujokams. Gaukite ją iš „GitHub“ čia: Overte builder 🔗